WATCH – Liberals Say Kellyanne Can’t Work Because She Has 4 Kids, Her Response Is EPIC

Kellyanne Conway broke a glass ceiling in presidential politics, but Liberals are on the attack. They can’t understand how she’ll raise her four children while working for the Trump Administration.

“I would say that I don’t play golf, and I don’t have a mistress, so I have a lot of time that a lot of these other men don’t,” Conway said when quickly and smoothly slamming President Obama’s gold obsession and former President Clinton’s inability to live up to his marriage vows.

This was after Liberal Fox News commentator, Juan Williams, wondered on-air, how Conway was going to work at the White House in the Donald Trump administration while taking care of four children.

No one asked how Barack Obama was going to be the leader of the free world while raising two young daughters. Do Liberals think parenting is solely the job of the little woman — and that she must be tethered to the kitchen to do it properly?

“Kellyanne Conway has been a trusted adviser and strategist who played a crucial role in my victory. She is a tireless and tenacious advocate of my agenda and has amazing insights on how to effectively communicate our message. I am pleased that she will be part of my senior team in the West Wing,” Donald Trump said about his 49-year-old adviser, according to a Cosmopolitan report.

The complete non-issue of Kellyanne’s parenting was also brought up during an interview on Fox Business Network’s Mornings With Maria by host Maria Bartiromo. The host referenced the parenting vs. working at the White House concerns voiced by Juan Willams of Fox News’ The Five.

“It’s funny, we were talking with Juan Williams earlier, and he was questioning, ‘Well, Kellyanne has four kids. How’s she going to do it?’”  Bartiromo said to Donald Trump’s campaign right hand.

Conway was the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign – women’s groups should be applauding her efforts and putting her on the cover of their newsletters – but that just has not happened.

Instead of holding Kellyanny Conway up as a role model for young woman and working mothers, she has been ruthlessly chastised. She was a set of 12-year-old twins, and two younger children ages eight and seven.

“I see people on the weekend spending an awful lot of time on their golf games, and that’s their right, but the kids will be with me. We live in the same house, and they come first,” Conway said, sounding like the dedicated and loving mother she truly is.

Juan Williams and his Liberal television pundit pals NEVER raised ability to parent and work concerns over Huma Abedin. Maybe they were so thrilled her estranged husband Anthony Weiner would be too busy playing house dad he wouldn’t be able to churn up anymore embarrassing scandals for Democrats to deal with – oops, that didn’t work.

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