WATCH: Thugs Get What’s Coming To Them After Shoplifting Binge Awry Ending In High-Speed Car Crash – “Driver Was Tased”

The next time you observe two women pushing a baby stroller through a department store remember this brief 2-minute video clip, that perhaps under that baby blanket might be something else rather than a gurgling little tot.

This remarkable incident was captured on a surveillance video on Monday at a Best Buy outlet store in Davie, Florida as two women casually strolled the store and brazenly began shoplifting items casually placing them in an empty baby stroller then concealing them under a blanket inside the stroller.

A moment later the video captures a burly bearded individual at the front of the store holding on to the stroller, the individual dressed in a yellow shirt is apparently a security guard at the store who has just stopped the two women from exiting the store.

However one of the alleged female shoplifters is as large as the security guard and she bulldozed her way past him, as he attempts to hang on to her, but is unsuccessful. She bolts out the store holding on to some merchandise and gets into a getaway car.

The video clip then captures the car speeding down the road described by police as a 4-door Honda which suddenly crashes into a sign in a nearby neighborhood, and another accomplice (a black man) getting out of the wrecked auto running away, seconds later the beefy shoplifter emerges also from the auto and also makes a hasty retreat.


However, their dash for freedom was short-lived, as the alleged getaway driver was quickly arrested.

The two alert security guards who observed the shoplifter throughout the store and waited to confront them as they were about to exit the store did exactly as they’ve been instructed to do and deserve praise for their quick actions.

The last few seconds of the video clip captures all three thugs arrested by the Devie Police Department and identified as Donald J. Carter, 28, of Lauderhill, Marcelous Thomas, 27, of Lauderdale Lakes, and Sheronnye Pendergrass, age and address unknown.

Do you think that security guards should pay special attention to individuals walking around malls with strollers?

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