WATCH – Trey Gowdy SHUTS UP Pro-Illegal Congressman On LIVE TV, Shows NO Mercy

There is no question Trey Gowdy is one tough individual, and this was demonstrated when a Democrat Congressman was attempting to block a law enforcement officer from giving a complete answer to his question.

But Trey Gowdy, acting committee chair at the time, was not having any of it, and he put the man in his place. “Is it within the rules of this committee that the chairman can interrupt a legislator?” the Congressman asked Gowdy. Gowdy’s response was, “If that legislator is not allowing the witness to answer a question, you’re dadgum right he can.” 

Let’s put this into perspective here. First of all, this Congressman was himself interrupting the border patrol agent. Needless to say, I’m pretty taken aback by the hypocrisy of this Congressman.

Any Kindergartner would be able to tell you that it was this man who doing the interrupting and Gowdy was merely allowing the border agent to finish.

The main point of contention from this congressman would the type of weapons the agents said they need to do their job. The point he was continuing to make was in questioning whether their need for high-powered weapons was necessary.

It is apparent that Congressman Johnson is extremely ignorant when it comes to border security. Message to Hank Johnson: they need these types of weapons because of the powerful drug cartels that continue unabated at the border.

The law enforcement officer here, while not a SWAT team member or leader, must, along with his colleagues, be the SWAT team for his area. This is a rural problem the Democrat Congressman would know if he ever took one step outside the city.

Sir, if you continue to question these border security agents on this matter at best you are making his job more difficult. If you were successful in preventing these agents from utilizing the most up-to-date technology, then you might be guilty of allowing them to die in the line of duty!

Of course, another factor here is the liberal’s phobia of firearms. Whatever they might think, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, and that is especially true of drug cartels.

Even besides the rude interruptions, this man has shown he is devoid of all common sense. I hope he loses his next election over this one– hard!

What do you think about this congressman interrupting the border patrol agent on his need for weapons and how Trey Gowdy put him in his place? Please share the story on Facebook and tell us because we want to hear YOUR voice!

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