WATCH: Trump’s New Press Secretary Gets In BRAWL On LIVE TV- This Is INSANE!

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota got into a back and forth battle and ended up being put in her place on Monday with Donald Trump’s new incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. At 3:20 into the interview Camerota asks Spicer what President-Elect Donald Trump will do “if the conclusion is, that in fact, Russia and Vladimir Putin were behind the DNC hacks and tried to metal in the U.S. election, what will Mr. Trump do about it?”

When she isn’t satisfied with Spicer’s answer, that the Trump team would respond in a logical way, she prods Spicer for more details. He then lets loose on how he really feels the question. Spicer accused Camerota of being “unbelievably irresponsible” in jumping to “conclusions” about Russia’s Role in hacking the presidential race during the 2016 election between Hillary and Trump. Spicer tells Camerota “The reports not final” and that Trump “has not been briefed by the heads intelligence community yet and you’re asking me what his response should be?” Camerota questions Spicer on Trump not being briefed about the hacking and he say’s “No”. Looks like Camerota should have done more journalistic investigating and got her facts straight before interviewing the new White House Press Secretary.

Sean Spicer also goes on to tell Camerota that the President himself doesn’t have all the facts and know for sure if Russia is behind the hackings. “The report isn’t final,” Spicer tells Camerota. So for the media and the President to expect Donald Trump to come out with some kind of reaction or statement about the supposed Russian hacking scandal is ridiculous. “The idea that you’re asking anybody what their reaction should be to a non-final report is unbelievable,” Spicer told Camerota.

Camerota can’t believe that the Trump administration is not “making any plans you guys aren’t even having conversations about the possibility” of Russia being the ones behind the hackings and shakes her head in disbelief. The biggest slap in the face to Camerota and all Liberals who jump to conclusions before all the facts are known is when Spicer tells Camerota that “I know this is frustrating for you that we are doing it in a logical way”. Oh, that look on her face when she realizes she was just burned is priceless.

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