WATCH: What Putin Just Said To President Trump Signals The DEATH OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

There is no question Hillary Clinton is one of the most chicken hawkish war mongers the US political landscape has ever seen.

During her time on the campaign trail she threatened war with multiple countries and even suggested launching military operations against nuclear powers if we so much as accuse said nations of of ‘hacking’ US interests.

Trump on the other hand has said over and over again that he wants to end the US policy of regime change which has lead to the creation and dominance of radical jihadist groups like ISIS (whom Hillary Clinton is credited with being the God Mother of.)

President Elect Trump has also made it clear that he has no interest in furthering another Cold War with Russia when it is obvious we should both be working together to fight our common enemy, the radical Islamic hordes, that threaten both Europe, Russia and the United States.

In a truly disgusting move the Democrats and establishment republicans have tried to claim that Trump, who clearly works for no one but himself and what he perceives as the best interests of the American people, is an agent of Putin in an effort to isolate America and make it impossible for the Trump administration to normalize relations with Russia and in doing so save the Earth from the most catastrophic and deadly war the planet as ever seen.

Despite the establishments best efforts to subvert our democratic republic and the will of its voters, Trump has secured the Electoral Votes needed to become the 45th president of the United States and move forward with his plan to bring peace with out natural ally, Russia.

According to Liberty Writers News:

The media and the Democratic party used Russia as a scapegoat for their problems throughout the entire election. We knew that. They accused Russia of hacking the Democratic campaign emails to undermine Hillary Clinton. That was a lie.

*** They even were trying to threaten a World War if Trump became president.

Then their entire narrative fell apart today when Putin came in and congratulated Trump.

God bless Trump for sticking it out!

“(Trump) spoke about resuming and restoring relations with Russia. We understand the way to that will be difficult, taking into account the current state of degradation of relations between the US and Russia,” Putin said to Russian television.

“As I have repeatedly said, that is not our fault that Russia-US relations are in that state. Russia is ready and wants to restore the fully-fledged relations with the US. I repeat we understand this will be difficult, but we are ready to play our part in it.”

We have officially now averted World War 3.

This could be the death blow to the New World Order we have all been waiting for.  If Trump and Putin are able to normalize relations between Russia and the United States, the eradication of ISIS and other barbarous terrorists and their hold on lands in the Middle East and Northern Africa should happen swiftly.  Watch closely because we may all be witnessing the DEATH OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER once and for all.

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