What Kind Of Woman Are You According To The Month In Which You Are Born

Your birth month can say a lot about your character – continue reading below to learn what yours can say!



Women born in January are ambitious, conservative and serious. They are closed and never talk about their feelings. It’s difficult to make them angry, but if you manage to do it, you best stay clear of them. These women want intellectuals beside them.


Women born in February are romantic, but should be treated with patience due to their frequent mood changes. They have abstract thoughts and will leave you immediately if you betray them.


These women have a lot of charisma and are very charming, while being fiercely dedicated and loyal. They don’t fall in love easily, and are cute unless upset.


April-born women are diplomatic and easy to communicate with. They are jealous as well, so you should leave if the jealousy explodes. An April girl will make you very happy, and will open her soul to you if you deserve it.


Ladies born in May are persistent and faithful to their principles and are often great looking. They have a difficult character though, so they can be dangerous to men who fall in love with them.


Women born in June are creative and communicative, but also curious. They believe that speaking to everyone’s face is better than speaking behind their backs, and treat men like toys, so watch out.


July-born ladies are honest and don’t let people close. They are mysterious, intelligent, beautiful and polite. They suffer from their past often. If a July woman falls for you, cheating will be the greatest mistake you made in your life.


These women are unique and egoists – don’t mess will them or you’ll regret it. Despite being happy, they don’t allow mocking. They always want to be in the spotlight and never suffer from men’s attention. Men lose their heads in their presence.


September women are kind, disciplined and beautiful, and they will never forgive those who betray them. They want long relationships and are not the kind of girls for a single night. They are critical to their partners and want them to meet certain requirements – the man who will wins.


Women born in October are independent and strong and have an iron character which cannot be broken easily. However, they’re emotional as well, although they rarely show it. They are smart, don’t open themselves to anyone and other women hate them.


These women are always a step ahead, and can sniff a lie from miles. Don’t play with them or you will have the worst time of your life. If you want the truth, don’t ask them for an opinion.


Ladies born in December have a lot of luck in their lives. They try to get out of any situation fast and as winners. They can lift the mood at any party, and need minutes to get under your skin. They have a great heart and are often hurt by people, but due to God being on their side, they always win in the end.

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