Donald Trump has found a way to bypass the biased media filter that has sunk the agendas of previous American Republican presidents by using twitter.   By the time the mainstream media wakes up every morning Trump has beaten them to the punch.

He sets the daily narrative before they are able to and that leaves them playing defense.

This morning Donald Trump took aim at government’s largesse in rewarding their donors.


Trump built his empire by bringing his massive real estate development projects in under budget and ahead of schedule and he promised to apply the same principles to government spending if he were to be elected president.

There are still 44 days until he’s sworn in as president but he used this morning’s tweet to put contractors on notice that the gravy train is over.

The last time Air Force One was replaced was in 1990.  The new plane cost $325 million.  Inflation since 1990 would raise the cost to just under $600 million.  Even allowing for the inclusion of new technologies Trump knows there probably at least $2 billion in fat built into Boeing’s price.

Perhaps this was President Obama’s way of repaying Boeing for his heavy-handed demand back in 2011 that Boeing build its new plant in Washington State and not South Carolina as the company had determined would better serve its business interests.

Or maybe, this is just an example of the inefficiency that government always spends other peoples’ money with.

Whatever the motive for the government agreeing to such an exorbitant price was, when Trump saw the $4 billion price tag he told Boeing to keep the plane.  That brought the usual biased media suspects out from under the rocks they were under to scream that Trump was using his power and picking corporate winners and losers. 

Really?  Why is it impossible for them to see that Trump is protecting the American taxpayer when he acts to finally reign in wasteful government spending?

You’d think that the only entities involved in these corporate-government contracts were the government and corporations. Trump’s tweet signals to the people paying for all of this beneficence that they finally have a representative at the table.

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