So . . . When’s The ‘Women’s March’ For This Woman Being Publicly Beaten Under Sharia Law?

On friday morning, a gruesome video emerged of a woman in Indonesia being publicly beating with a cane for allegedly violating Sharia law. The newly-surfaced video, which is said to be from December of 2015, shows a man repeatedly whipping the woman to the sound of mass applause from the ravenous crowd until she becomes unconscious.


The horrifying visual of female oppression comes on the heels of a similar video of an Indonesian woman released last week. The unnamed female was given 26 public lashes for having premarital sex, which is forbidden under Sharia law.

Naturally, my initial reaction was to check the official accounts for the Women’s March, the group that allegedly fights against female oppression and for women’s equality. Surprisingly enough, there was no planned march, no statement, no condemnation. ​Instead, the Women’s March Twitter account was littered with applause for the “resistance” to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, a woman who is a proponent of giving poor children school choice.


How odd? If those who align themselves with the Women’s March are dedicated to “intersectional” women’s issues, if they care so deeply about gender equality, where is the condemnation of such brutal female oppression, as seen in this video? When can I expect the massive protest packed with big-name celebrities like Madonna and Ashley Judd? When?



Of course, here in reality, we all know this will never happen. Islam is a no-go zone for feminists.

As I wrote back in January, the feminist movement in America is essentially useless, constantly ignoring actual oppression of women to scream about the “right” to kill unborn babies. The Women’s March, which took place the day following the inauguration of President Donald Trump, failed to focus on serious issues, such as the mandated hijab, honor killings and female genital mutilation–all of which happen right here in America, by the way.

So please, feminists, next time you’re putting on your vagina costume and non-mandated hijab pre-march, save us all your righteous indignation over “women’s rights” and “female equality.” We all know you couldn’t care less about actual female oppression.


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